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My Musings: FOCUS Magazine February 2024

by Lusanna Klotz on Jan 29, 2024

My Musings: FOCUS Magazine February 2024

That’s the funny thing about starting a new year isn’t it?

Most of us rush up to the illusive final week of the year, with excitement and anticipation and for many of us, it’s over before we’re able to say “why not, I’m on holidays” to that second (or third) margarita by the pool.

January is often a whirlwind of long summer days and balmy evenings, where routines are a distant memory and mornings slip into evenings without a care; and I think that’s half the “problem”.

For most of us, children included, as much as we yearn for a break of routine, there comes a time when we naturally seek to resume a sense of normality.

There’s an element of allure to the change of pace summer holidays afford, where breakfasts change every morning, and lunch can easily happen at 2pm because who’s even looking at the time anyway; but I’ve sensed a change in people this last week or so.

We’re ready. Ready to slip back into that warm reassurance of routine.

Of course everyone’s routine is different, but that doesn’t negate the benefit of having one, and realising when it’s time to get back into it.

For me, February marks a time of reflection and projection.

While in store we are in the final days of selling our previous season’s Spring/Summer collections, we are also eagerly awaiting our first deliveries that will form our Autumn collection.

It’s a fun time when the evidence of last year’s planning comes together and we present an entirely new look and feel for our customers in store.

But February is also a time of planning and preparation for me.

There’s a lot of travel at this time of the year, visiting showrooms around the country, all with the intention of securing the best of the best for the seasons ahead.

Many people are interested in “how” I do what I do. It’s a skill I’ve definitely refined over the 10+ years I’ve been doing it…

Of course there are trends, which become apparent after viewing two or three brands, be it colours or styles, but our business model has never been to follow trends blindly.

After all, by far the majority of my customers wouldn’t be spotted looking like they’re wearing their shorty pyjamas out in public… ever.

With the increase in the accessibility of social media though, sticking to your own vision can become difficult.

It’s true that each season there’s often “a look” and as a fashion boutique owner it can be distracting seeing certain trends on repeat, knowing that those trends are not actually for your demographic.

The magic happens when you tailor those trends to your clientele and people walk out loving their purchases. That’s when you realise the power of sticking to your own lane. 

This summer I have at times felt the pressure of the constant barrage of information that tries to “educate” us on everything from how to clean your shower to what you should and shouldn’t wear over “a certain age”.

It’s true that there are always things we can learn from an informative post on Instagram or even TikTok and YouTube, but I don’t know about you, I often feel less empowered after watching something like this, that I did at the beginning.

Along with more information, often comes a level of confusion and insecurity and an acute awareness of “is this right”. I see a lot of this in the shop.

We’re questioning our sense of personal style, based on things which often don’t apply to us. We’re questioning which colour jewellery we should be wearing now, and the best one, is it OK to still wear skinny jeans?!

Hopefully by now we all know the answer to that is, “Skinny jeans will always have a place” just maybe though, that place isn’t in your wardrobe any more…!

So as I sit here and flip through the numerous Lookbooks in preparation for my next buying trip you can be sure that I will continue my mission to find not only the most appropriate interpretation of the current trends around, but also ensure we help you harness and retain your personal style, no matter which crazy trend we’re all thrown next!

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