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The Story Of Meg + Me

Lusanna and Ant, owners of Meg & Me, landed in Port Macquarie somewhat by accident - here's their story...

From Tasmania To Port Macquarie

As you might guess, embarking on a voyage to the mainland is no small feat for your average Tasmanian.  However, there being nothing average about Lusanna or Ant, they converted Ant’s van into a makeshift campervan and floated (on a boat, obviously) toward Melbourne. Arriving in Melbourne at 6:30 am, the duo didn’t have a plan. So, they did as one does in Melbourne and stopped for coffee...

From there, left feeling inspired and imaginative, we decided to just follow the road. Hugging the coastline all the way to mid-north Queensland, we saw the most spectacular places and beaches. But one place stood out above all others.

What we love about Port Macquarie

Port has a feel which we couldn’t replicate in any other town we went to in our travels. There are gorgeous towns all along the coast, but Port’s people and beaches are the best. We’ve remained firm friends with the people we met the very first day we hit town, and that’s not something that happens very often. We feel very fortunate.

Bringing boutique shopping to Port Macquarie

While I never envisaged a lifestyle owing a fashion boutique, when I catch up with old acquaintances, the response is often “well that makes total sense!”
I never, ever thought I would be running my own business alongside my husband, but it’s just happened that way. I have always loved good quality, unique fashion, and have always had an aversion to run of the mill, fast fashion.

Being from Tassie, I also love supporting small, independent stores over the “big boys”. Of course, there’s a time and a place, but I love the experience of boutique shopping, where you can build a relationship with the people behind the passion, and that’s something that I have worked hard on creating in my store.

Great coffee goes perfectly with great fashion

Coffee was a natural progression. Ant retrained as a Barista when we moved to Port. When we relocated the boutique to its current location, a friend suggested we incorporate a “hole in the wall” style espresso bar into the front of our shop. I couldn’t believe it, working with Ant was something I’d really wanted. The two shops together work well for us, and our customers love it.

What makes Meg & Me’s coffee so good?

There’s a school of thought that good coffee is all about the Barista. While we know there’s a lot more to it than that, I tend to agree with the sentiment. For us, our secret weapon is Ant. He’s created an awesome little community who share one common love, his coffee – oh and his chats! I sometimes wonder who spends more time on the customer’s side of the counter, the customers or Ant himself!

An exclusive espresso blend...

About the actual coffee though, we run a bespoke blend of Holy Goat Coffee, created exclusively for us. It's something we’re very proud of, and believe it's a big part of what sets us apart when it comes to taste.All that said, we look forward to seeing you "here" soon...


Lusanna & Ant